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Termite Specific Services Beaudesert

Termite Specific Services Beaudesert

Termite identification, interception, treatment and monitoring services are tools to protect your home from termite attack.  Many people are unaware that termite damage is not usually covered under insurance and the cost of, at times, major repairs must be met by the property owner.

The two most economically important species of subterranean termites in and around Brisbane are Coptotermes and Schedorhinotermes.  There are other species which can also damage timber in service however, these are not normally the usual culprits when termites are found in a building.  There are several treatment options available, depending on the nature of the infestation and damage caused but the first step in dealing with these pests is to obtain a comprehensive termite inspection of your home and its immediate surrounds.

Express Pest Control Beaudesert are accredited operators of Termatrac. a termite detection device, combining moisture meter, temperature sensor and radar to pinpoint active termites and also locate point of entry without the need for invasive inspection initially.  This device is used in conjunction with visual inspection of interior and exterior areas, and sounding of all timber surfaces.  Grounds inspection includes outbuildings and up to 50mt from the residence, with identification & inspection of suspect trees, stumps and fallen timber.

Where termites are located, samples are taken to positively identify the species.  On completion of the inspection a full written report is provided, along with treatment and management proposals for any areas of concern.

Where termites are active inside a residence, above ground bait stations may form the most appropriate treatment as chemical sprays can sometimes cause the colony to move elsewhere and not effectively eliminate them.

Chemical reticulation systems, drilling & injecting or trenching and flooding with chemicals such as Fipronil are often the preferred treatment.  Another more environmentally friendly option is the use of bait station systems that attract termites to the stations where they can be treated and eliminated over time, thereby destroying the queen and the colony.  Bait stations are not always the quickest method of treatment, but do offer a low toxic and effective treatment.

Express Pest Control Beaudesert has the expertise to complete your termite inspection and to implement specific treatment options to suit your circumstances.  As accredited Exterra Operators, we are able to offer Exterra’s $250,000 warranty to households protected with an Exterra termite interception and monitoring system (conditions apply).