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Are creepy crawlies causing you, your family or your business trouble?

Express Pest Control Warners Bay can solve all your pest problems.

Express Pest Control is available in

Warners Bay, Speers Point,

Mount Hutton,Macquarie Hills,

Cardiff South, Tingira Heights,

Lakelands, Hillsborough

and surrounding suburbs.

Locally owned and operated, Express Pest Control Warners Bay provides you with reliable and efficient pest control solutions. With a customer satisfaction guarantee and affordable prices, you won’t find any better than Express!

Glen, your local Express Pest Control specialist is passionate about helping families feel at ease in their own home by eradicating pests that cause discomfort. With courtesy reminders to let you know when your pest control service is due, Express offer a simple, hassle-free process that is guaranteed to leave you 100% satisfied.


What’s great about Express?

  • Professional Reports
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Fully Insured & Licensed
  • Flexible Times
  • Affordable
  • No job too big or too small



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Extremely professional would highly recommend Glen.

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Awesome service and super good rate and to top it off an awesome bloke

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Quick response and good service

Some of our services include:

General pest management treatment– The word general pest treatment can come from many different services, these are usually your 12 monthly home treatments and cover cockroaches, silverfish, ants, Fleas , mites. All work is guaranteed so if you ask your pest technician they can let you know the period and any conditions . General  meaning overall and well-rounded pest treatment e.g. Rodents , bedbugs , Bar flies , Beatles , Borers ,Possum removal can all be looked at as general pest control treatments .

Indoor treatments–  covers storage areas big and small , kitchen cupboards with the food still in them ,  and drawers with the cloths still in them ( treatment for silverfish ) , walls, Bathrooms , bedrooms , Garages and all cracks, crevices and roof cavities . All listed in the indoor treatment can be where spiders , cockroaches , Beatles and ants can hide and nest and breed .

Outdoor treatments– covers perimeters floor to roof ( great spot for spiders , cockroaches , ants , Beatles to hide and breed ) ,single or double carports , path ways , steps , entertainment areas ,.Your express pest Technician will even Treat  the letterbox and storage shed ( 3m x 3m) at no extra charge!

Commercial treatments– Full inside treatment to meet compliance with the code in hygiene and make your work area one to be proud of . Some of the issues in a commercial situation are Bar flies ,Flies , Cockroaches , Weaves , Fleas , Rodents can be a big issue with food being stored and cooked ( With rodent baiting and inspection , can be put in place to prevent rodents from becoming a big issue in the commercial sector ).This will mean we can help to manage a solution for your workplace , office , cooking area or restaurant , Our fully trained and fully insured pest Technician can help with a individual plan to suit your needs .

Bond Or End of Lease Pest treatments– landlords and some real estate agents will require this treatment at the end of your lease when there has been a cat or dog on the premises . Knowing that fleas and ticks can also be carried by possums & Rodents that can transfer fleas and ticks all over and all around the home – The end of lease Flea and tick treatment , is cost effective and can be completed at a time and day that suit you . Making this as stress free as possible, at this busy time .

Express Pest Control Warners Bay offers the following pest services:

Residential VIP Service includes:

  • External walls, gutters, downpipes, windows
  • Gardens adjoining home
  • Entertaining Areas
  • Cloths Line
  • Bins
  • Roof Void
  • Garden Shed
  • Garage
  • Subfloor if enclosed
  • Fences
  • Letter box
  • Internal skirting boards
  • Kitchen whitegoods
  • Laundry whitegoods

Commercial food & Non Food VIP Service Includes:

  • External shopfront.
  • Internal skirtings
  • Kitchen area including commercial whitegoods.
  • Storage areas
  • Internal dining areas
  • Alfresco areas
  • Staff Rooms
  • Offices
  • Toilets
  • Counter area
  • Bin area

Pest control options also available for

Property Management, Factory, Warehouse & Storage Facilities


Other Services

General Pest Management can vary from house to house to a Apartment Blocks, Boats, Caravans, Lots of Different Commercial Premises. All of these can have different problems depending on climate and environment conditions of the area. There are many things to be considered such as single or double storey, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, garages or carports the dwelling has. What type of material is the house built with i.e. brick, wood steel or the like. Also needing to be assessed is the type of pitch on the roof and if there is an internal man hole and if not how does the roof void get accessed? Also need to assess is there any children living at this address, do they have animals and if so what type and how many are there?

Understanding the situation and the major pest problem for that location – is it cockroaches, spiders, ants fleas etc. Once this is decided will then depict the solution and actions taken to attack the pest problem. Not always does there need to be a problem as it is good maintenance to have regular yearly pest treatment completed to keep all the creepy crawlies at bay.

Once the individual situation is assessed, the chemicals and actions or treatments can then be decided upon. There are so many things to consider eg Is there a ant issue inside or outside , spider or cockroach issue inside or outside , can you see evidence of termites inside or outside , evidence of rodents , evidence of Possums . The chemicals must be the best quality to do the best job and the best quality can only be purchased by Licenced Pest Technicians from Licenced suppliers.

Possums are a wild animal and make their movement around trees and bordering areas of Forests and Reserves. Possums are nocturnal animals and love eating berries from trees and Bottle brush flowers in and surrounding our homes at night and then they will sleep during the day.

Possums are nocturnal and like a shift worker, they wake up around 7pm – 8pm for the night time activities and then go back to sleep between 3am and 5am in the morning. They love living in our homes as the roof voids have insulation in the form of wool or Bats which regulate the heat in our homes. This makes for a blissful sleep and beautiful home for the Possums.

June through to August each year is the mating season for Possums. This time will be very noisy as the male will hold down the female and have its way. As you can guess the female will not always submit which then causes all the ruckus. The actual noise of the mating ritual is also in itself a very noisy act. The babies live in mums pouches until they are fully grown.

Possums are very territorial animals and will run around in your roof keeping out any intruders.

Catching possums is via a trap and a tasty morsel within the trap which is then placed in your roof void. The possum will then enter the trap and the trap automatically closes behind them. Each possum caught is then relocated until all possums are caught. Some locations will have only one or two possums and other locations have had up to 11 possums. The Possum will and can take 2 to 4 days to be caught in a trap set for them.

This process can take from 24 hours to several weeks depending on how many possums are in the current location.

Possums can be cute but don’t feed them as they will multiply very quickly. Feeding will give them a food source and they will breed to the amount of the food available. Possums can carry disease and have very sharp claws so another reason not to touch or feed them.

Possums are protected in Australia.

Rodents can make a bang in the night and make noises in your roof void. The removal of rodents starts with an inspection of the area in question to determine is it Rats or mice.

Once it is decided which type of Rodent it is that is in the roof void the appropriate Rodent bait can be used. This will also then take into account the size of the Rodent station that is used to act on the appropriate rodent in each individual situation.

 The treatment is applied and the Rodents will eat the bait supplied. Once the Rodent has eaten the bait it will go away and die.

Rodents will not die in your roof void. The humble mouse can be found in your garden shed or Garage. Mice will have many young and in a very short time.

Termite inspections and treatments available

Worried or suspicious you might have termites on your property? Call Glen to discuss your options

Termite activity discovered while test drilling a tree