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You’ve got Pests and you WANT HELP FAST???

…. then you’re in the right place!

We get how scary it can be to learn that nasty creepy crawlies have been secretly lurking in your home or workplace. Perhaps you are wondering how long they have been there and what they have walked over without you even suspecting a thing?  Did you or a customer eat off something they walked on or even worse, something they left their ‘mark’ on??? … the thought makes your stomach turn doesn’t it?

…rest assured you are in the right hands with Express Pest Control Townsville

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Want to get rid of those pests once and for all and ensure you don’t get a surprise like that again?……you are now in the right hands, let Express take care of that for you.

It is important you get the right solution!

Express offer

  • an option that will fit your budget,
  • is quick,
  • has lasting effects,
  • focuses on stopping the breeding of the pest by targeting areas such as cracks and crevices, roof voids, weep holes and other places where they breed,
  • is provided by a professionally trained and experienced technician,
  • focused on getting rid you of those pests once and for all

…. then you’re in the right place!

special offer

EOFY Rodent Run Out  !!!

Don’t let your electrical wiring become a house fire hazard.

Special EXPRESS rate of $169.00 for the month of June 2017. 

(Includes initial inspection, consultation, 4 traps and 3 visits)

Call Express Pest Control for all your rat and mice issues and all unwanted pests.

Express Pest Control Townsville offers the following services:

• Bond returns

• Rodent programs

• General pest treatments – includes cockroaches, ants, silverfish and spiders

• Wasp and bee treatments

• Termite inspections and treatments

• Domestic pest control

• Commercial pest control


Two of the best Pest Control specialists in Australia are located right here in the Townsville area… ready to solve any pest issues you have. Whether you have issues with cockroaches, ants, spiders, ticks, fleas, bedbugs, birds, mosquitoes and other flying insects, elephants, pesky in-laws (only joking) our guys are at your beck-and-call with the perfect solution.

Let me introduce you to them:

Meet Warrick Schopp (photo) and Carl Daniel (photo). You may have already bumped into Warrick at the local footy field with one of his 6 children or coaching the Junior Wanders Cricket team. He’s a busy man both at home, in the community and at work.

Maybe you have also seen Carl playing cricket, serving as a local SES member or involved in SSAA. If you haven’t had the privilege of meeting Carl yet, then make sure to make yourself known.

Local, Loyal & Experienced

While they both live in your community they are each loyal Owner Operators of an Express Pest Control Franchise and work as a team servicing the Townsville area. Express Pest Control Franchisees are backed by a Company serving some of Australia’s largest Pest Control Contracts including The Gold Coast Commonwealth Accommodation Village Project – The Parklands redevelopment which incorporates 1252 permanent dwellings comprising of 1170 apartments and 82 townhouses, to provide accommodation and services to more than 6600 guests.

Even though Express Pest Control services are in high demand, Warrick & Carl will always make time to put customers’ needs first. They are renowned for always showing up on time, helping you save money where you can, solving every pest control job they get and finding great satisfaction in a job well done!