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Get It Expressed, You’ll Be Impressed with Express Pest Control Narangba!

Do you have unwanted pests in your home or do you just want to make sure that you protect yourself from these unwanted guests, then Express Pest Control is your answer.

From residential treatments through to commercial health and safety requirements at Express Pest Control we can resolve your unwanted general pest problems. Some pricing as follows

Full Express Pest Control Narangba Service includes the following pest-:

  • Cockroaches, Spiders, Silverfish and Ants

Full Service Pest Control the following actions are included:

  • Ceiling space for rats and other rodents
  • Spraying a barrier which form a residual barrier– To form a to help keep your home free of cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and ants.
  • Gel Baits to stop them in their tracks
  • Dusting of wall cavities and ceiling space. – Very important, to help maintain that important barrier

With all this you can help protect your family from disease and bacteria that can be spread by cockroaches and ants.