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Pest Control Merrylands

Looking for a fast, effective treatment to rid your property of pests? Look no further!

Express Pest Control Merrylands provides all your pest control needs.

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As a licensed technician with years of experience in the industry, Oz from Express Pest Control Merrylands can provide peace of mind that your home will be free from those nasty creepy crawlies no one wants to see! Oz provides an honest and reliable service with effective treatment results.

Express Pest Control Merrylands offer services that are safe and environmentally friendly for you, your family and your pets!

Express Pest Control Merrylands specialise in:

Professional Pest Control Treatment
For cockroaches, ants, spiders, mice, silverfish, ticks and fleas

Domestic Pest Control
Targeting kitchen cupboards/drawers, windows, crack and crevices, inside roof etc.

Outdoor Pest Control

Targeting fence, footpaths, external walls, sheds, rubbish bins, wall cavities, clothes line etc.

Express Pest Control Merrylands is available throughout:



South Wentworthville


For a prompt and professional service, give Express Pest Control Merrylands today on 1300 EXPRESS!

That’s 1300 397 737! You won’t be disappointed!  

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