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Pest Control Carindale

Welcome to Express Pest Control Carindale!

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Express Pest Control Carindale’s services include:

  • Inside Pest Control Treatments
  • Outside Pest Control Treatments
  • Domestic Treatments
  • End of Lease Treatments
  • Commercial Treatments

Express Pest Control Carindale is available throughout :

Mansfield, Carindale, and surrounding areas.

We all know that pests are unsightly and unhygienic, but did you know that pests can carry illnesses such as tapeworm, salmonella and Lyme disease?  Wade is your local Express Pest Control operator for the Carindale area, and he is here to ensure that your family, employees and customers don’t fall sick due to those pesky pests!  Knowing this, it is no wonder that commercial businesses are required to have frequent pest control completed to be compliant with Workplace Health & Safety Standards.  Wade always works in line with these standards to give you the peace of mind knowing that there will be no surprises when the health inspector comes to visit your business.


There’s nothing worse than killing pests, only to have another infestation the following week!  Express Pest Control Carindale breaks this vicious cycle by not only killing the pests you can see, but also treating the eggs they have laid.  For your peace of mind, Express Pest Control Carindale is fully insured and Wade has received professional training.  Your pest control service will be completed using the latest products to ensure your satisfaction.  Wade understands that life can get very busy, and things tend to be put on the backburner.  To ensure that you are able to enjoy a pest-free life, Wade is able to come to your home or business at a time that suits you best!