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5 Reasons You Should Invest in
Express Business Australia!


  1. Your investment won’t leave you broke

Unlike other franchises which may cost anywhere between $20,000 – $85,000+, Express Business Australia franchises start from just $5,950 + GST. We do not charge a lead fee to our Franchisees and we have a team of Master Franchisors who give ongoing support to every Franchisee. From day one, Express Franchisees are in a position to be making more than $3,000+ a week when they are following our Express proven system.


  1. We have a service to suit you… yes you!

Express Business Australia offers one of the most diverse and developed franchise opportunities on the market. We offer franchises ranging from home and maintenance services, professional services all the way through to wellness and self-development services. So matter what you are passionate about, we can help you realise your dreams and turn your passion and skills into a worthwhile and fulfilling career. Whether you are male, female, 18 or 58 – let us show you how our Franchise opportunities can fit into your lifestyle.


  1. You are in control

Whether you are a handyman with a young family or a semi retiree looking to keep busy, your Express Franchise is just that… YOURS! Work as little or as much as you choose, work the hours that suit your family and best of all, you don’t need to apply for holiday leave! Our Franchisees come from all walks of life, some use their Express Franchise as a second income while others devote all their time and effort into it to create a healthy and booming business. The choice is yours completely! It’s important to us that our Franchisees are able to experience the work/life balance that they may not have experienced in previous employment.


  1. We’re not a business… we are a family

We often hear our new Franchisees say how excited they are to become part of the Express family, because that’s exactly what we are, a family. We develop, nurture, support and groom our Franchisees to be the very best they can be. We love working closely with our Franchisees to help them grow their businesses, implement new marketing ideas and help them achieve their goals. More than that, there is such a sense of community among our Franchisees and they often refer jobs on to each other and promote each other’s services. There is no competition within our system as each Franchisee owns their own Franchise territory. We all work together to ensure we leave every customer satisfied from their initial call to our 1300 number all the way to Franchisee follow up after a service.


  1. You will never be alone

The biggest challenge facing the franchise industry right now is lack of support given to new Franchisees who often have little to no experience running their own business. At Express Business Australia, we have a proven system that gives our Franchisees access to ongoing support networks. The extensive support they receive from their masters as well as our proactive Head Office team means that motivated Franchisees have all the tools they need to succeed! Our Franchisees know that they can always pick up the phone and speak to one of our experienced Business Coaches at the Head Office or their own Master Franchisors at any level.